Career Transition and Outplacement Through Redeployment Strategies

Career Transition

Career Transition and Outplacement Through Redeployment Strategies

Mullikin Group provides Outplacement and Career Transition solutions for companies needing to optimize change and growth through organizational restructuring and position themselves toward a stronger future. Read on to learn more about how our client, a local Kansas City company, achieved success through our personalized redeployment strategies and efforts.

Optimization of a Restructuring

As our client, a major local energy company evolved strategically, organizational restructuring became imperative. The division responsible for providing information technology services faced a challenging and potentially painful downsizing.

The Challenge

Following the implementation of a new strategic direction, a division of a major energy company that had provided international IT support would be subject to several rounds of layoffs of long-term employees over the course of several years. The negative impact on talent retention and acquisition, the costs associated with lost talent and severance benefits, and the reduced morale and productivity all weighed heavily on Human Resources. Seeking to ease the pain and control costs, the company asked CPI for assistance.

The MG Solution

After understanding the new strategic direction, Mullikin Group presented a redeployment solution to help the company place as many employees as possible in other divisions of the company. Major highlights of this program included expert career coaching assistance and:

  • Seminar with additional follow-up counseling to help employees understand and face the potential job loss
  • Identification of skills that were readily transferable to other divisions
  • Resume development and practice interviews
  • Onsite candidate services that maximized the potential for internal placement

The entire program clearly communicated the company’s concern and value of the transitioning employees to everyone. Management saw the program as an excellent way to enhance morale for all employees during the 90-day period after the layoff announcement.

The Results

Two major accomplishments were the positive morale among transitioning and remaining employees and the substantial reduction in severance costs. In addition to satisfying every pre-defined objective, the program enhanced the company’s internal online placement process. The Director of Human Resources commented,  “This effort has been so successful that the company has redeployed employees who otherwise would have left the organization. We value this retention of talent retention far more than the substantial severance savings. Additionally, this initiative is equally valuable in talent acquisition as new job candidates see the high value the company places on its employees.”

Wondering how the employees who were transitioned out of the company turned out? Mullikin Group’s expert certified consultants helped them through our one-on-one Career Transition programs to effectively engage, assess, evaluate, and transition to a better and more fulfilling career, entrepreneurship, or retirement opportunity resulting in mutual success for all parties involved. To find out how your company can improve redeployment initiatives or learn about other talent retention strategies, please call Mullikin Group’s local Career Transition and Outplacement firm at 913.322.0618.